Our mission and what we do

Founded in 1977 in the town of Zola Predosa in the province of Bologna, Mecan Plast srl specialises in the design and construction of moulds for plastics, die casting and Zamak die casting. 

The company also has its own plastics moulding division, and acts mainly as a contract manufacturer for various different sectors (electronics, cleaning product containers, furniture, etc.). Mecan Plast's constant goal is to become a stable point of reference for its client companies. As well as supplying products in compliance with technical and contractual specifications, we also offer additional process control services. To this end MECAN-PLAST SRL pursues a policy aimed at meeting the expectations of all our stakeholders.

Basic policy aims:

  • to supply our customers with products that correspond perfectly to the agreed requisites;
  • to develop an efficient organisation based on management processes that are clear, simple and commensurate with the company's requirements;
  • to monitor and evaluate the level of customer satisfaction in order to obtain critical inputs for the global improvement of our organisation.


Mould design and feasibility studies

progDesign is the process that precedes construction of the moulds, when product and process parameters are defined. This important and strategic stage is entrusted to expert technical personnel. Our internal engineering department uses latest generation CAD-CAM systems and, starting from the initial information (models, part drawings), creates a model of the mould using software support.

The following steps are required to create the finished product:

a preliminary feasibility study that analyses the customer's product;
the creation of a model or prototype for comprehensive evaluation of product development feasibility;
the analysis of the project and tooling / part costs.

Mould construction

rep-stampiThis department can draw upon thirty years of experience in constructing high production moulds, and carries out all process phases internally. It can count on technologically advanced machinery, high speed milling, diesink and wire EDM units, grinding machines, lathes and related equipment, and all the accessories required to complete the processing operations. Before operations are executed, they are processed by two CAM stations.

We construct moulds for plastic, Zamak and die casting
Having our own moulding department allows us to carry out all the necessary fine tuning to optimize the production and mounting of moulds. In addition, market demand has led us to create economy mould solutions for small production runs.

Plastic moulding

stampaggio2We carry out injection moulding of articles and components in various plastic materials. ABS, PC, PA6, PA66, POM, PPOMO, ABS+PC, LURAN, GRILAMID, GRIVORY, RUBBER, PBT, PPO, PST, PPCOPOL, PTFE, PVC and RAYTON are among the raw materials used.

All our products comply with compulsory and voluntary international regulations. The moulding department is equipped with 12 latest generation PLC-controlled presses, with a pressure range from 50 to 300 tons; the department also features dehumidifiers, temperature controllers and accessories. Each production process is controlled by a specific production card generated for that order. Our moulding presses allow us to produce plastic articles weighing from 1 to 900 grams. Mecan Plast offers post-moulding operations including chrome plating, serigraphy and component assembly.

Machining, mounting, assembly

We can carry out any kind of machining work, mounting and assembly operations, either manually or using mechanical systems.



Automatic assembly Manual assembly